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Setting A New Frontier In Customer Engagement

Butterfly, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Loyalty Program solution provider, leverages web-based technology and new media marketing, empowering and helping companies to evolve relationship programs to grow their biggest asset - its customers. “It cost more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one” is a fact that have been hammered by numerous marketing professionals. In the face of product and market competitiveness, it has become increasingly important to introduce customer loyalty programs to reward and encourage repeated buying behavior.

Growing Your Business

Butterfly is the pathway to acquire, communicate, learn and reward customers through our successful integrated loyalty programs. Butterfly will provide your business with a vibrant platform that enables you to connect directly with your ever-growing base of customers.

Suitable For Every Business Needs

Butterfly’s CRM programmes are dynamic and scalable for different industries ranging from dining, to lifestyle, to wellness and services. Butterfly focuses on the adaptability and usability of the systems to fulfill every business’ needs and requirements. Understanding Your Customers The assimilation of all your customers’ data in a dynamic information network allows your business to access every customer’s profile and activities, thus providing in-depth customer knowledge. With the full understanding of customers in a crystalline 360 degree view, your businesses can better engage your customers and grow your business revenue exponentially.

A Holistic Customer Engagement Approach

Our list of services for the customized CRM and loyalty programmes aims to help your business stay organized, generate more revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Together with the effective use of data collected from your members, operations can be further streamlined, thus enhancing productivity and efficiency for your business.

Butterfly helps you to promote and update your restaurant information across social websites, forums, news portals, e-newsletter, web directories. Butterfly is a one-stop guide for deal hunters on where to dine and shop and what to do. We will feature your latest promotions and latest happenings in town and offer massive benefits to our privileged members.

"Butterfly believes it is tougher and more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one"

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